Debbie Jennings - Actor

Recent Work

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    Recently Filmed:
Poison Sky - Water Specialist - Supporting - SWAT HD Productions, Steve Wargo, Director

5 Days in April/Docudrama - Marathon Volunteer - Featured - National Geographic/ Randy Murray Productions, Sam Hobkinson, Director

Recent Commercial and Industrial Projects:

Every Month I do one or multiple teleprompter projects - too many to list here over the years but I am VERY experienced in teleprompter work
Here is a typical example

Porter Wall Beds for Bed and Room and Costco - spokesperson, many videos

EXOS workout video series
Easy Hang It

Wolfgang Cooling

Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Electro Medical Technologies

Toyota Scion of Chandler

Wolfgang AC and Heating

Dignity Health


Acting Training
* Diane Nieman Senffner, Voice Over, Scottsdale, AZ
* Alexandra Stevens, Improv, Monologue, Auditioning, Phoenix, AZ

* Linda Waymire, Improv, Tempe, AZ
* Faith Hibbs Clark, Auditioning for Commercial and Film, 
Phoenix, AZ

Special Skills Training
* Handguns, Shooters World, Phoenix, AZ
* Assault Rifles, Cawells, Mesa, AZ
* Kempo (Karate, Kung Fu and Jiujitsu) s
elf-defense, Sensei Brad Bennett, Z-Ultimate Chandler, AZ
* Karate, Yellow Belt, Sensei Shannon Wells; AZ Isshinryu Karate Academy, Chandler, AZ
* Close Quarters Combatives I (gun defense); II (knife defense); Force Options School of Dynamic Combat, Tempe, AZ

Additional Special Skills
* Snake Handler (Python)
* Motorcycle License (Vespa)
* TelePrompTer Proficient

*Bachelors Degree in Holistic Nutrition: Clayton College of Naturopathic Medicine, Birmingham, AL
* Associates Degree in Respiratory Therapy: Long Medical Institute, Phoenix

Current Passport


Height:: 5" 5", Hair:: Brown, Eyes: Hazel, Build: Average, Age range: 40-50

Featured in People Magazine: Page 84, Image #51, People Magazine - May 6th-13th issue 2013 - "Most Beautiful" issue

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